.013 >> Slats >> by Nicole Trigg >> 32pp >> $10.00 ($8 Online)
>>In Nicole Trigg's writing, the personal, the political, and the colloquial exist in always-shifting relations to one another--at times one is clearly the other; at times their conflation is the primary problem.<<
printed in an edition of 100 in April of 2016

.012 >> Mandarin Primer >> by Rosmarie Waldrop >> 32pp >> $10.00
>>In these eleven poems, prolific translator, publisher and writer Rosmarie Waldrop extends her lifelong obsession with languages eastward.<<
printed in an edition of 100 in April of 2015 
>sold out <

.011 >> Seven for Boetticher & Other Poems >> by Rodney Koeneke >> 57pp >> $10.00
>>Vulnerability, prosody, and a beguiling rhetorical performance meet up like an Old West posse in Seven for Boetticher & Other Poems.  New work from the author of Erutria!<<
printed in an edition of 100 in April of 2015 
>sold out <

.010 >> Includes All Strangers >> by Melissa Mack >> 48pp >> $10.00 ($6 Online)
Mack's first chapbook takes the politics of resistance--in particular her experiences with Occupy, ecological crisis, and the liberatory/oppressive dialectics of sex--and runs it through the linguistics of the mouth, "up through the throat."<<  printed in an edition of 100 in June of 2013

.009 >> Two Poems >> by Hugo García Manríquez >> 42pp >> $10.00 ($5 Online)
In these two new poems--one translated from the Spanish, one written originally in English--Hugo García Manríquez offers a poetics of the undertext.  <<
printed in an edition of 100 in June of 2013


.008 >> Pink Tie >> by Tyrone Williams >> 32pp >> $10.00 ($6 Online)
>>In this deeply moving eulogy for his long-time friend, Peter Ross, who committed suicide in 2002, Tyrone Williams has written more than a simple remembrance.<<
printed in an edition of 160 in March of 2011  >back in print<


.007 >> Force Fields >> by Andrew Joron (text) & Brian Lucas (art) >> 32pp >> $10.00
>>A physically and philosophically beautiful collaboration using two of art's most primeval tools: charcoal and typewriter.<<
printed in an edition of 100 in July of 2010  >sold out <

.006 >> I Am A Furious Little Bee >> by Alda Merini (translation & introduction by Carla Billitteri >> 46pp >> $10.00
>>A selection of charmingly indecent aphorisms from a popular but seldom-translated Italian poet.<<
printed in an edition of 200 in October of 2008   >sold out<

.005 >> Interview With Robert Creeley >> interview & introduction by Brent Cunningham >> 29pp >> $10.00
>>This previously-unpublished and wide-ranging interview with Robert Creeley took place in May, 1998, in Buffalo.<<   printed in an edition of 300 in November of 2007 >sold out <

.004 >> An Air Force >> by Laura Moriarty >> 27pp >> $10.00
>>In this brief artifact of a book, poet and novelist Laura Moriarty explores her childhood in the air force during the Vietnam war, using poetic autobiography to evoke life under "Eternall War": that war, the current, the next.<<
   printed in an edition of 125 in April of 2007  >sold out <

.003 >> Selected Amazon Reviews >> by Kevin Killian >> ed. by Brent Cunningham >> 54pp >> $10.00
>>Selections from the 1,000+ reviews that Killian has written for books, movies, and everyday products on Amazon.com. Subversive and delightful modifications to a pervasive online art form.<<
   printed in an edition of 200 in August of 2006  >sold out in print form< >Now Available as a Free PDF!<

.002 >> Burrow >> by Lauren Shufran >> 52pp >> $10.00
>>Prose poems bewitched by walls, holes, pirates, biblical prophesy, and lovers. Includes a Sing-Along!<<
   printed in an edition of 150 in July of 2006   >sold out <

.001 >> At All: Tom Raworth & His Collages >> by Norma Cole >> 34pp >> $10.00
>>A poetic consideration of Raworth's collages, as well as a meditation on thought and play in visual art, by one of the great poets & translators of recent decades.<<
   printed in an edition of 150 in April of 2006  >sold out < >Now Available as a Free PDF!<