>>Things Robert Hooke invented include Hooke's Law, the anchor escapement, the anemometer, the spirit level, the weather station, the use of rhumb lines to navigate a great circle route, the Gregorian reflecting telescope, the law of elasticity, the telescope crosshair sight, the sash window, and the binary star. (Correction: stars are discoveries not inventions).

>>Hooke may or may not have invented the balance spring, the compound microscope, and the first practical universal joint, sometimes called the Hooke joint. He almost certainly demonstrated the inverse-square law of gravity but forgot to prove it mathematically.

>>Hooke's resume does not hesitate to continue. He was the first to refer to cells in living matter, the first to study fossils and hypothesize that they were extinct species, the first to report Jupiter's Red Spot and deduce by it that the planet rotated, and the first to report the rotation of Mars.

>>It is noteworthy and humbling to further document that Hooke worked out the number of vibrations of each musical note, explained the shape of crystals in terms of the packing of their component parts, published the first book on microscopy, postulated a wave theory of light 200 years before Fresnel, advocated the medicinal use of Indian Hemp, designed the Bethlem Royal Hospital, and came extremely close to discovering oxygen 100 years before Lavoisier.

>>In conclusion, Hooke was born in Freshwater on the Isle of Wight.

>>UPDATE: Also known as "Dinosaur Island," the Isle of Wight has recently been the site of the discovery of fossils of 48 new prehistoric species.  Stay tuned to this site for all the latest news about the Isle of Wight.

>>UPDATE to the UPDATE: Isle of Wight is in danger of losing 9 of its 11 libraries.  Click here for more!