from An Air Force
by Laura Moriarty

I am born in the Air Force.

Preexisting condition.

Eternall War

1 body

Will the force of the air create global cataclysm and despair?

In 1946 Tom Moriarty enlists in the Army Air Force at Fort Snelling in Minneapolis. He is 17.

Jack rabbits on the runway in waves

Where the periwinkle sky gives onto

Pictures of a childlike father in uniform.

I wait for something to happen that makes sense. Our neighbor is killed in Vietnam. He leaves a son behind who is my age. I am 12. It is 1964.

Excessive casualties with no strategic payback now as before.




We move to Otis Air Force Base from St Paul when I am 3. My parents have never heard of Cape Cod. They look it up in an atlas. Mae is a secretary for 3M, then called Minnesota Mining. She quits when she has me. Tom is a sergeant and jet mechanic. At Otis he will be a flight engineer on the C-121 Constellation, flying for the 961st Squadron of the Air Defense Command. His job is to keep the plane in the air. The version he flies, customized with a radar dome on top adn an undercarriage full of surveillance equipmentm is called a Pregnant Connie.


Permanent change of station

Creative destruction

Cold War

Promotional opportunity

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